Guest Bloggers


Just a little update that I am EVER so excited to share with you.  In the next couple of weeks I will be sharing the work of two guest bloggers. Neither of them have children, nor do they work with children.  So, why would they be my guest writers, when this blog is primarily catered towards those who have or work with little ones?

That’s for us to know, and you to find out.  Time to dispel some assumptions that people have about women in regards to children.

A tidbit about each writer:

Rebecca is a dear friend of mine.  I met her at Disneyland when I was 16 and we hit it off.  Though we look alike, and people who’ve seen pictures of us have mistaken her for my sister, we could not be more dissimilar in our worldviews.  She is extremely intelligent, a blast to talk to, bright, bubbly, and deliciously morbid all at once.  My father once said of her, “I just like to watch her talk.”  I do, too!

Tahlia is entering my husband’s family in the near future via marrying my brother-in-law.  She is a graduate of Westmont and is the author of her personal blog Miss Mystra, and a writer for Diamonds and Toads.  I am so excited that she is taking time out of her busy wedding schedule to write for you all.

I am so looking forward to reading what these ladies have to share!  Stay tuned!