Hi. My name is Rachel.


I am a preschool teacher and nanny gone homemaker and mother.  I am married to a handsome man named The Milkman.  We had our firstborn, The Captain in 2012, had a daughter, Mamitas, in 2013, our angel baby, Ezra in 2014, and our rainbow baby, Peach in 2015.


My life goal was to become a mother and home maker and now that I am here, I’m not sure what’s next.  Follow me here as I document my thoughts, adventures, mishaps, and general insanity.


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2 thoughts on “me.

  1. The Mama says:

    Hey Mrs. Poopy-Picker-Upper,
    Your today’s entry brought tears to my eyes. So many motherless babies out there who need us stay-at-homers to pray for them. Will do. Love you!

  2. Ronald Kirk says:

    The father of Milkman here. When I was young, I had to learn to defend myself against the bullies that thought Milkman Sr. was a pushover. Being a gentleman means being good and being tough. Love, ronaldDad

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