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I am Milkman, the man behind the Cradle Rocker.

I don’t know the actual statistics, but from my experience, “I always wanted to be a mom” is a phrase heard far more often than “I always wanted to be a dad”. I don’t think that’s because it’s any more true, rather women often tend to communicate more and more effectively about themselves than men.

Maybe it’s a bit of our natural tendency and a large amount of culture that have told us that men are to be the strong quiet type, not meant to show or share emotion, at least publicly. They must be an unwavering rock, as a husband and a father, to support the emotions and struggles of their wife and kids. This is very true, a good father and husband should be a proper support for their family, but that doesn’t mean he has to be an island.

On Father’s day weekend, 2017, myself, with a handful of other men felt the need to start our own Dads’ group. A community for Dads only, where they can seek support, encouragement, camaraderie, and share their Adventure of being a Dad, that became Dadventure. We started with a few hundred dads. Our admin team took bets about how fast we would grow, and boy were we wrong! We went from a handful of dads to a group of over 35,000 in the first year and a half.

Here, at Milkman’s Corner on She Rocks the Cradle, I share about my life and perspective as a father, both biological and foster. I share about how to support your spouse, and create a healthy relationship with your partner, all while surviving the craziness that is being a father of 4 young children!

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Cheers, Milkman

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