another blog

Oh goodness, no! Not another homemaker starting a blog! There are too many! I can’t take it!

It seems like there is a correlation between the time a woman stops working, and when she starts a blog. I have worked for a long time. I started babysitting at the age of eleven, got my first “real job” at 15 (Sandwich Artists Represent!), and now, just a couple of months shy of 26, I have retired from the working world. Not that housewives don’t work. Goodness, my mom works harder than anyone I know. It’s just different… and quiet. I have only been out of the workforce for 3 weeks, and I am already dying of the quiet that surrounds my life!

I am not a homemaker because my husband makes a lot of money, and we have a chunk of dough sitting in the bank to live off of, because we certainly don’t. Frankly, we aren’t real sure how we will make it on one income just yet, but I have a baby boy on the way, due in March, and my husband and I are committed to giving our son the attention he deserves. We believe that only mama can give that specialized attention, and so here I am.

However, as the baby is not here yet, I am going a little stir crazy. There are plenty of tasks to keep me busy here in our tiny garage apartment, but due to some pregnancy symptoms (read: extreme everything pain! Haha), I can only scrub a toilet so long without having to sit for a rest. So instead of sitting in front of the computer and pinning or facebooking, or watching hours of A Baby Story on TLC, I figured I should write to keep my brain going. (But don’t worry pinterest, I’ll not leave you!) If I am the only one who reads this, that’s okay too, it’ll keep me company to read myself to myself while I sit here on the couch by myself.

I guess the point of this blog is multi-faceted. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I have been working with kids on and off as long as I have worked. Whether in day camps, after school programs, preschool, or as a nanny, I have been overjoyed, frustrated, happy and discouraged with the business of working with children. William Ross Wallace wrote a poem praising women for their maternal role, and although I have yet to be a mother, I have enjoyed being in a nurturing and maternal role as I have worked with a children. I have also been struck with the awesome responsibility it is to influence young minds and souls for the hours each day I have spent with little ones. So this will be about kids, mothers, fathers, teachers, and probably about other things that are in my day to day experiences.

Let’s see if I will keep this up after the baby comes… or if I even keep it up before the baby comes. I never said I was disciplined.

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