Settling in to our new home, new job for Milkman, and new routine (wait, no routine here…) with Captain has taken up much of my time.  That and a lot of productivity around the house lately has kept me from writing much… but here’s a little something!


Captain is asleep, and though I know I SHOULD be cleaning, preparing for Thanksgiving, stuffing diapers, and filling that dresser I just re-did (that’s a story unto itself) with clothing that is all around our little home, I am sitting in mine and Captain’s nursing chair and reflecting on the things I am thankful for, as folks typically do during Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for, as we are rich in faith, love, and God’s grace in our home.  But, here is a list of things that come to mind right now.

I am thankful for…

Sticky, fat hands that pull my face in for bites… er, kisses, and that sweet teething smile.

The neighbors above us who walk loudly, because it makes me feel better about Captain crying in the night.

The hands marred by dish water, dull knives, and paper cuts that cared for me from birth, and now comfort my own little one.  My mother is my hero.

The long strong arms that wrap around Captain and I in the middle of the night while we nurse, that squeeze us to gently, and make us feel so safe. I love you, Milkman, 99, infinity.

The preaching that I hear every Sunday spoken with passion, fire, and love.  My papa’s preaching is the only preaching where I cannot fall asleep no matter how tired I am.

Feet that rarely don shoes.  This could be the best thing about being a homemaker.


The intense eyebrows, cleft chin, and disgustingly long lashes that I have fought with, loved, disagreed, and mean my big sister is in the room.  I admire you sister.

Grant’s Christmas Album

Being able to afford cheese again.

Delicate cold fingers with nails trimmed to perfection, thick soft hair, and smelling like candy, encouraging me, lifting me up, and always pulling me into her educational journeys whether I asked or not… haha!  My sweet middle sister.  The strongest, little lady I know.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I know I am looking forward to dinner with my entire immediate family, my tia and uncle, and my cowsin Larry!  Let the eating commence!

The infamous Headless Bobble Headed Butterball from my mom’s house.


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