Hazards of Housewifery

I’m pretty sure that being a home maker is supposed to be a fairly safe occupation. Unless you’re me.

I’ve been trying to get our house all kid-proofed and safe for our home inspection. Milkman and I are on the road to becoming Foster parents and we are sooooo close to finishing all our pre-requirements. 

We had our inspection all set for Monday morning and I planned on doing one last clean-up throughout the house on Sunday. Mamitas and Peach were both sick so I stayed home from church with them and Milkman and Captain headed to church.

After watching a sermon on YouTube here at home, I set to cleaning up the house. We have been inundated with boxes lately (I have an Amazon problem… You don’t know my life, don’t judge!) I went to toss a couple boxes in the backyard and my ever so loose joints failed me once again!

My right ankle completely gave out and I fell down the back steps into the backyard and landed hard on a sideways left foot. Poor Mamitas was not very helpful at retrieving my phone for me, so I crawled inside to call Milkman home from church.

4 days, 3 doctors and and some X-rays later, I’m in a cast with 3 fractures in my left foot. The kicker is I can’t put any weight on it, which kind of cancels out oh! Everything you have to do as a mother. No cooking, cleaning, or carrying the baby. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to share some rad tips after this about how to parent 3 children 4 and under and qualify to be a foster parent at the same time all with a broken foot. But I kind of think at the end of it my best tip will be: don’t break your foot. 

Pretty sound advice, right? Here’s to the first broken bone of my 30’s!

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